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Rainbow Promotion

High Noon Cafe is our vegetarian restaurant, open for convenient counter service and available in our Grab & Go Deli at all store hours.

New in the High Noon

At the Rainbow, we’re always working on ways to make ourselves more sustainable, and more self-sufficient. It’s in our promise to the community - to provide healthy, natural foods at a price the community can afford. One way we do that is to make what we can...

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Local Love Returns

While there’s always local love to be found at the Rainbow, sometimes we feel really special about it. Sometimes we do a little something-something to show you that locality. This year, that “something” is the Local Love Fest Sale. It’s essentially a week long member’...

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This Week - Produce Discount

Starting Monday, January 18th, and ending Friday, January 22nd, there’s a department-wide sale on our award-winning fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s more than just apples, bananas, and spinach! We’ve got juices, smoothies, fermented vegetables, local produce, and more. Almost everything’s organic - and if it’...

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New Maple Syrup Grades

The new report cards are in, and maple syrup grades have changed! We’re deeply sorry for that joke, and to make up for it, we’re offering a second, free joke rife with additional alliteration: The sweet science of syrup selection swapped some simple symbols, so some consumers...

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New Year 2016

The NEW YEAR is almost here. I know time works kind of like space, so we can use “almost here” interchangeably, right? Even though it’s not going to run us down?

Good, I’m glad we’re past all that confusion. Here’s what’s going...

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