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High Noon Cafe is our vegetarian restaurant, open for convenient counter service and available in our Grab & Go Deli at all store hours.

Monday, June 26

Pasta Bake


Lentil Soup

How to Cook the Perfect Brown Rice

You always hear that you should eat more brown rice instead of white rice, right? Healthy brown rice may have a low price, but sometimes it doesn’t cook up as nice, no matter what device you might decide to use, right? Well listen up, Rainbow has some advice,...

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Rainbow Red Beans and Rice

We’ve had several people ask about red beans and rice recipes that can be made meatlessly, so in honor of this Meatless Monday, we’re sharing Patrick’s favorite RB&R recipe. You don’t have to call it RB&R if you don’t want...

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Rainbow Needs Your Help

Greetings, Rainbow shoppers;

Since 1980, Rainbow has been Jackson’s only community owned grocery, and the only store willing to keep unhealthy products off our shelves. We’ve had some trying times, going through bank loans, refinancing, constant flooding, and even Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

But, we’ve...

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Rainbow is Open for Easter

Rainbow will be open on Sunday, April 16th for the Easter Holiday. Come pick up a last-minute addition to your Easter meal if you have to, we’re here for you. We’ll be open our usual Sunday hours, from noon till six o’clock.

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